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Wyzenbeek Test

a method for testing fabric durability; it tests abrasion using a mechanical arm that rubs the fabric back and forth, creating the name “double rub” for the standard measurement

3,000 double rubs is a low-durability fabric best for decor such as curtains.

30,000 is extra-high durability fabric good for even waiting rooms, fast food restaurants, and stadiums.

I had to look up double rubs after seeing an article about a 100,000 double rub fabric minimum. This fabric can be even more durable than that! Check it out below:

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Coffee Table Tips

•Coffee tables are usually 17-19” high. Modern rooms call for shorter tables.
•They should be one-half to two-thirds the length of your couch.
•Place it 18” away from the couch. This keeps it within reach while leaving some leg room.
•Rectangles are more orderly. Those with a shelf below allow for remote storage.
•Circles, however, are never crooked. They also provide soothing contrast to boxy furniture.
•A large ottoman with tray is best for entertaining, as it doubles as seating.
•Have a small space? Go clear. It’ll make the room seem larger, as will a solid in a color similar to the floor or rug.

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How to Select a Stellar Sofa

A good sofa is:

•Stuffed Well- Feeling the arms, one shouldn’t find wood, but padding and stuffing.
•Comfy- Aside from fluffy softness, check to assure the seat isn’t too deep, the sofa back isn’t at an awkward angle, and the arms are just tall enough.
•Well-Stitched- Zigzags, lumps, and gaps are bad. Straight, smooth, continuous seams are a must.
•Framed with Strength: Check for weight-distributing wooden blocks in the bottom corners of the frame. Feel underneath to make certain.

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I love a lamp illuminating something like a vase of flowers, giving it some weird prominence, as if it’s on a stage.

Rita Konig, Domino Contributing Editor (p 47).
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Entryway Finishing Touches

•A unique umbrella stand
•A treasured tray for keys
•A big basket for newspapers

•Group framed works tightly going up the stairs for a traditional feel. Family photos are very traditional, art is a trendier take. Be creative here!

•Instead of rotating flowers in the entryway, go for a potted plant.

•Divide drawers in a console or desk to quickly sort everything into its own place.

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More Entryway Tips

•Add molding to walls and doors to create architecture in an otherwise bland space.
•Having a hard time putting all the art you want together? Unify it with intensely patterned wallpaper. You can go from a common color, or go for contrast.
•Have a veritable sea of photos? Anchor them with a giant photo, which many office printing places offer. It also fills up space. (Engineer prints go up to 3’x4’ at Staples for only $5.)
•Have open stairs? Wrap them in patterned carpeting to make them a focal point (and a pain to vacuum).
•Front door open up to a long hallway? Repeat a motif all the way down.
•For small spaces, go big and bold with painted doors, unique lighting, and graphic wallpaper. A chest and a chair are the bare essentials. Add baskets on a bench for storage. Abandon lamps for sconces, freeing up surface area.
•Front door enter into your living room? Artificially divide the space with “walls” ranging from folding screens to reclaimed doors or windows.

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